Western Sumatra, Indonesia

It’s been just under two weeks since I arrived back from a holiday in Western Sumatra, Indonesia.  We stayed on a small island called Cubadak and it was pure heaven

The journey to Cubadak started from home in Kuala Lumpur leaving by taxi tp LCCT our local airport.  It was then onto a plane for a short flight to Padang airport to be meet by a minibus that took us to the port where we jump onto a speedboat to the island.

The journey from Padang airport to the island is this amazing road trip that passes everything from paddy fields to goat, chickens and dogs, the goats, chickens and dogs are mere obstacles for the motorbikes, cars and vans to dodge.

When we finally arrived at the small port it was just a quick speedboat ride and we arrived at what can only be described has HEAVEN ON A BEACH for the next 12 days.  Our days were spent reading, swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing and just watching the world pass us by.  Included in the price of your stay are three fantastic meals a day.   All meals are spent eating together on long tables with the other guest, by the way I’m not talking hundreds of guests; probably 30 to 35 from all walks of life and with one thing in common and that was to relax and enjoy the environment.  Most of the people staying at Cubadak were from Italy or France with the odd Brit thrown in.

Our hosts for the 12 night stay were Nanni who started Cubadak about 20/25 years ago I believe.  Then there was Dominique and Marc., Marc is the diving instructor with a very professional attitude to diving and Dominique is the lady that looked after us all and answering any questions about our stay.

Most of the people that stayed on the island went diving most days but we just lazed around the island and snorkelled off the jetty, the fish were amazing, in two weeks I see three turtles or it may have been one that just kept coming back, some dolphins and umpteen amounts of the most colourful fish.

Back on land there were Monkeys, Lizards, Hornbills plus a whole array of other birds.

My time was spent reading and I managed to get through two books, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and Dear Fatty by Dawn French, my wife managed three books.  Also we both only ever had flip flops on our feet or nothing at all, fab!

If you want to get away from it all and forget about the world for a few weeks, Cubadak is the place to go www.cubadak-paradisovillage.com

© Perry Johnson 2013