The Other Side of KL

Kuala Lumpur like so many cities around the world is rapidly changing but for me KL is going in the wrong direction with no thought for infrastructure to sustain the people and cars that now live where small houses once stood.  So many high rise buildings are going up and what was once a beautiful city with fantastic old colonel houses is slowly being turned into a concrete jungle and I’m sad to say that I live in one of these mighty monsters. 

I can’t see when things are going to stop. With each skyscraper that goes up you are given three car parking spaces, the roads now ferry concrete mixers and lorries and like a heavy smoker the veins of the city are slowly being clogged with heavy traffic.

The city of KL has an underground system and a sky-train that I bet cannot be accessed by 70% of the city.  If you want to go to a restaurant you have to take a taxi or drive and with climate change a major issue on the political scene more apartment blocks mean more people and more people mean more cars.  When is this ever going to end!

© Perry Johnson 2013