Less we forget

At this time of year with November 11th approaching we reflect on past and present conflict around the world.  On Wednesday 11th November 2009 it will be 91 years since the end of WW1 the war to end all wars.  With such loss of life that the UK and it’s allies suffered and the pain and suffering the families went through what have we learnt, in 91 years not much apart from the complete disregard for the young lives that were wasted and are still being wasted for such small gains seems unbelievable today.  We enjoy our freedom today because of their sacrifices.

The reason for writing these lines are that at present I’m reading a book by Harry Patch.  Harry was the last surviving veteran of the trenches; sadly Harry has since passed away.  The book is called The Last Fighting Tommy and is an autobiography of an amazing mans life.

Harry was born in Combe Down not far from Bath in 1898 and the book tells the remarkable story of life in the trenches and what it was like to live through the Second World War and then on to old age.

We live in a world where instant communication tells us what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and we see on TV brave soldiers being brought home to be laid to rest, why have we not learnt from two world wars.

Please go and buy this book, the proceeds go towards buying lifeboats for the RNLI but that’s not the reason for buying it. 

The ISBN code is 987-0-7475-9336-2

© Perry Johnson 2013