Bangkok, My Favourite City

Bangkok is just a two-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur by air Asia the low cost airline that fly’s out of Malaysia.  My wife Mandy normally travels to Bangkok three or four times a year on business and if I’m free I will usually try and tag along on one of her trips.

The Thai people are a lovely mannered nation and are always very courteous and polite but like in most Asian countries “yes doesn’t always mean yes” and this you will see when trying to get a taxi somewhere.  On a previous visit it took me three different taxis to get to a temple I wanted to photograph and that was just from the hotel lobby this time I gave up and walked to the sky train after trying to get back to my hotel.

Mandy mentioned to me a few months back after she had returned from one of her visits how loud and vibrant Bangkok was and how Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are so toned down.  On this visit I took what she had said and my wife was right, when walking around Bangkok I started to notice all these amazing smell and noises that hit the senses, it was just amazing.  The one other thing that catches you every now and again are the drains and boy can they stop you dead in your tracks.

There are so many things that I could write about Thailand but I’ll save them for another time.  The one thing I can say is that “I love Bangkok”.  What a fab city.

© Perry Johnson 2013